Founded in Austin, Texas

CapCity Group was formed in the heart of the Lone Star state. 

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Building A Legacy Together

Founded by Tammy and Zach Smith. A husband and wife team out of Austin, Texas. When we first got into the industry we ourselves did not have any Life Insurance, in fact both of our families had a legacy of not having this type of coverage. This resulted in harships over the years for both of our families. We believe this is mainly because a lack or knowledge and understanding. We have put in place protection for our family as well as setup a Legacy for our children. And we wish to do the same for every family. 

We are using this framework to build a network of Trusted Insurance Advisers who are equipped to educate and inform you about the latest trends and solutions. The industry is changing fast, rates are going down and we believe its possible to everyone to find a solution. Whether its to protect your equity in your house, protect your investments from an ever changing market, or build a college fund for your children. We can show you how. 

Our Founder…

Tammy Smith

Agency Founder

Tammy has been in the insurance industry for the past 7 years. In that time she has helped thousands of families get the coverage they needed. She is an expert in the underwriting process so you can be sure that if she recommends a product it is the right fit. She has also grown and led teams of agents all over the country.

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