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CapCity was created to put the service back into the industry, and give you access to easy affordable solutions so that you and your family can rest easy. 

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Your financial future is important to us and we know life insurance is a vital part of protecting that future. That is why we created CapCity Group.

Instead of trying to sell you one type of insurance, one company’s policy, or a specific death benefit amount, we get to know you first. We’ll ask you a series of questions to help identify what your insurance needs are and what type of coverage will best help you meet those needs. From there, we offer you custom solutions to fit your needs. We can help you protect your equity and assets or start to build a new legacy for you and your family’s future. 


We have partnered with the top insurance carriers in the industry to make sure your coverage lasts the test of time. We have over 100 carriers at our fingertips and a network of Trusted Local Brokers so you can be sure that we have designed a policy to specifically fit you and your family perfectly.


Our network of Trusted Local Advisers are experienced in providing for our clients. We put our knowledge and expertise to work for you. Most Insurance Websites try to squeeze everyone into a single product and don’t actually know your situation to properly advise you. This results in a lot of people not having the best coverage for their needs or even worse, being declined. We work for you and provide full service for your Insurance needs.


Contrary to popular belief most clients can get optimal coverage without the use of uncomfortable and timely blood tests. We use the innovation of E-Applications and computational underwriting to be able to deliver the fastest experience that is tailored just to you and your family. We do the footwork so you don’t have to. You don;t even have to leave your home. We will come to you.

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